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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to email me!

How I work

I release a new collection every month, and the jewelry tends to sell out quickly. 

Since there is only a short window of time to buy something, I announce the date/time of the release ahead of time to help you plan! I always put the date/time in the banner of my website, as well as in my social media bios. If it says "TBD," it means I haven't picked the next date yet.

If you'd like a notification, the email list is the best way to stay informed. Before a release I send out a full preview, including pricing and every other detail, so you can decide in advance if you want to show up for the release. I don't send any marketing emails, just a single preview email every month. 

Sorry, I do not. If this ever changes, I will definitely announce it and make it known on my website. 

I do repairs, but only on my own work. I am happy to do touch-ups like polishing and re-apply patina, within reason, if you're willing to pay for shipping. If I'm repairing or anything like that, I will of course cover shipping.  

I don't like to repeat designs over and over, so once something is sold out, that's usually it. I leave sold-out listings up in my shop for a while so people can get an idea of my typical pricing and designs, not because I intend to restock them. 

However, if there is ever huge demand for a restock I am willing to consider it, so don't hesitate to make your opinion known! :)


Sterling silver is almost all (92.5%) silver, with a little bit of copper. The copper is added to strengthen the jewelry, because pure silver is quite soft. 

Fine silver is 99.9% silver, which is as pure as you can get. It does not tarnish, since it lacks the copper of sterling silver. 

Sterling silver has a small amount of copper in it, which means it can darken with tarnish over time. This is all surface-level, and it can be wiped off with a jewelry polishing cloth (I recommend "Sunshine" brand). Mild tarnish can be rubbed off with soap and water. 

Keep in mind that the piece may be darkened intentionally (oxidized) for design reasons. If a piece is intentionally blackened, or if it includes a gem, avoid using any chemical tarnish-stripping products, as it may damage the piece beyond repair. 

Moisture and cosmetic chemicals are the chief cause of tarnish, so avoid wearing your piece in the shower and avoid contact with perfumes, lotions. etc. If you live in a damp climate, you can prevent tarnish by rubbing a layer of Renaissance Wax over your piece (I do this to pieces as soon as I finish them, it doesn't make them any less shiny!)


Yes! Please keep in mind that international shipping can be slow at the moment, and there is nothing I can do to speed it up once it leaves my hands.

There may be customs fees or taxes upon entry to your country, and those fees are the responsibility of the recipient. 

Of course! If I see that one person ordered twice, to the same address, I automatically ship them together and refund you the extra cost. It never hurts to email me a reminder, just in case I don't notice.

I use cardboard shipping boxes and Kraft paper jewelry boxes, because I want everything to be recyclable. I like to dress it up a little with dried flowers and other materials, depending on what I have available, and it's all very presentable for gifting! 

I am more than happy to include gift messages! Just send me an email along with your order, along with any other ideas or requests, and I'll make it as special as possible.