How to find your ring size at home

Have you ever had your eye on a ring, but you didn't know if it would fit?

Here's how you can check your size at home with no special tools! 

Method 1: Measure the circumference of your finger.

To measure your finger, wrap a string or a piece of paper around your finger and mark the exact spot where it overlaps. Then unwrap the string or paper and measure it with a ruler. Use the chart below to see which ring size corresponds with your measurement. 

Make sure you're not pulling the string too tight when you wrap it around your finger! If it's stretched at all, your measurement won't be accurate.

Method 2: Measure the diameter of an existing ring.

If you already have a ring you know fits, you can measure across the inside to find the diameter. 

Simply take a ruler and measure from one side of the ring to the other at its widest point. If it's a thick ring, make sure you're only measuring the inside.

Things to consider:

Do you have large knuckles? 

Sometime's it's hard to get a ring on and off if your knuckle is thicker than the rest of your finger. If this is the case, order half a size up from your normal ring measurement. 

Is your finger at its normal size? 

Your fingers can shrink and swell depending on the temperature and other factors! Make sure they're at a normal room temperature and wait a little bit if you've been exercising or if they look swollen. 



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