I release a new collection once a month, and the jewelry tends to sell out quickly. The shop is often empty while I'm working on the next collection.

If you'd like a notification before the next release, the email list is the best way to stay informed. Email subscribers will get a preview of the next collection, so you can decide in advance if you want to show up for the release. I don't send any ads! Just a single preview email every month. 

Sorry, I do not. This includes re-making items that you've seen me make in the past. I make a collection of new designs every month, and don't have the capacity for any work on top of that.

If this ever changes, I will definitely announce it and make it known on my website!

I do, but only on my own work. I am always happy to do touch-ups like polishing and re-applying patina, within reason, if you're willing to pay for shipping.

I don't like to repeat designs over and over, so once something is sold out, that's usually it. I leave sold-out listings up in my shop for a while so people can get an idea of my typical pricing and designs, not because I intend to restock them. 

However, if there is ever huge demand for a restock I am willing to consider it, so don't hesitate to make your opinion known! :)

Yes! Please keep in mind that international shipping can be slow, and there is nothing I can do to speed it up once it leaves my hands.

There may be customs fees or taxes upon entry to your country, and those fees are the responsibility of the recipient. I cannot advise you on the customs laws or fees of any country but the United States- please do your research so you are not surprised by fees!

Yes! Many people do this, because there can be a rush to check out on release day and you may come back a few hours later to get something else.

If I see two orders from the same person on the same day, I ship them together by default and refund the extra shipping cost you paid. (If you don't get a shipping refund within 24 hours, please remind me! I may have missed it and I want you to get your money back).